The Unorganized Manager Series

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The Unorganized Manager Series explains the importance of using time management and delegation to get things done.

The first two segments reveal that no matter how productive and efficient managers believe they are, they can never be 100% effective without learning how to manage time.

We see why managers should fully understand the purpose of their position, rather than the function. They must learn how to make time for active tasks while leaving time in their schedule for reactive tasks. By taking responsibility and delegating, the manager can use their own time much more effectively while ensuring that their team contributes. A team that is allowed to contribute will feel more motivated and will maintain higher morale.

The third video in this series, called Devine Intervention, carries the story along buy can be viewed as a standalone training resource.

The Unorganized Manager Series will:

  • Provide training that is ideal for managers of all levels
  • Present valuable information in a humorous way
  • Educate through wrong way and right way scenarios

Please note: Due to contract limitations, The Unorganized Manager Series can only be shipped to addresses within the USA.

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