The Unorganized Manager Series - Part 3: Divine Intervention

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20 minutes
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Part three of the Unorganized Manager Series brings us back to the same main character, a manager who is still improving his ability to manage his team. This presentation picks up where the first two parts leave off, however it can be shown as a standalone feature. 

The manager is organized – thankfully! Yet he is called back to St. Peter in Heaven after a yearly health check. This is where he learns that he still has room to improve because his management style is not keeping his team organized and motivated.

Back on Earth, the manager must learn to identify objectives and key result areas for his staff so they know what is expected. Standards must be set so there is something to achieve. These must include measurable factors, like cost, quality or quantity. This gives both the employee and manager something to use to gauge progress and productivity by. 

The third part of the series will:

  • Provide excellent information for managers of all levels
  • Present 3 key steps to effective team management
  • Show valuable methods in a way that’s fun and engaging
  • Provide versatile material that can be shown alone or with parts 1 and 2

Please note: Due to contract restrictions, we cannot ship the Unorganized Manager Series or any of its parts to addresses outside of the USA.

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