The Unorganized Manager Series - Part 1: Damnation

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25 minutes
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Part one of the Unorganized Manager Series shows us the untimely fall of an unsuspecting manager with poor time management skills. We see as the manager goes through his day not delegating, allowing things to pile up and leaving behind a trail of unhappy coworkers, customers and constant delays. 

Damnation shows how the manager makes the lives of his staff and family a complete misery. The stress and hectic lifestyle of disorganization brings on an unexpected heart attack which sends him to the pearly gates.  He meets St. Peter who decides to give him one last chance to redeem himself on Earth. Through this second opportunity, the viewer learns how the manager can improve his time management skills and make his life – and the lives of those around him – much more productive and happy. 

This humorous training video series will:

  • Provide a course that is ideal for managers of all levels
  • Present good information using a humorous plot and characters
  • Explain the right and wrong way to manage time

Please note: Due to contract limitations, all titles in the Unorganized Manager series can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.

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