The Unified Team

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The Unified Team explores the mysteries surrounding the feeling of team unity. A group of people focused on the same goal, working in harmony, and sharing their success is an ideal shared by managers and employees alike. Unfortunately, its occurrence is too rare. Often teams are plagued instead by conflicting agendas, personality conflicts, and disenchanted members. 

Television personality, Michael Horton (Practical Coach), hosts this engaging look at the coach's role in promoting, protecting, and restoring team unity. Unity occurs when a team provides its members with three basic needs: The need to achieve, the need to belong, and the need to contribute. This program lays out a practical approach that any coach can take to insure that these needs are in balance for every team member.

Real world role-playing demonstrates how team leaders can promote a sense of achievement:


  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Gain a personal commitment.
  • Celebrate success.




  • Create a member's Bill of Rights.
  • Teach them to resolve their own conflicts.
  • Mediate team disputes.




  • Uncover the opportunities they value.
  • Practice continuous appreciation.


The Unified Team, a practical guide to coaching your team to unity and success.

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