The Truth About Lying: Uncovering Myths and Facts of Deception with Stan Walters

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105 minutes
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This fascinating video delves into the subject of lying. Most people think they know the signs of lying, however test after test has shown that they are wrong.  Nearly every segment of the population (including law enforcement) can recognize deceit just 50% of the time.  So how do you recognize deception?  Join Stan Walters, an internationally recognized expert on interrogation methods, as he tells us the truth about lying.  You will learn the signs of deceptive behavior including verbal and non-verbal communication as well the specific stress signals that appear when someone is lying.  After watching this program you will be more confident in your ability to spot deception; enabling you to avoid mistakes in your job interviews and business negotiations.

Main Learning Points:

  • Expose the common misbeliefs about deceit.
  • Notice stress responses that signify lying
  • Delineate verbal clues that indicate lying.
  • Notice changes in a person’s normal behavior.
  • How to spot body language that indicates disagreement.
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