The Tim Conway Meeting Opener Collection

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The funny and beloved Tim Conway stars in this five-part opener for your next corporate meetings. This training package includes five video segments on one DVD.

Mr. Tudball - Technology Trainer (7 minutes) This funny video features the incompetent Mr. Tudball as he fails miserably at employee training, proving how important proper training can be. How bad is he? Bad enough to make you look great in comparison!

Get Out There and Sell... (6 minutes) Tim Conway’s frantic attempts to motivate his sales staff go terribly wrong as his sales team struggles to “stay in the game.” This entertaining meeting opener will have sales managers laughing, even though they may also recognize themselves in the story!

May I Present (8 minutes) As Lloyd Adams bumbles his way through what may be the worst presentation ever, he reminds your staff about the importance of being prepared! Open your next training meeting on presentations with this funny and illuminating video.

So You're New Around Here: The Dentist (7 minutes) No dentist visit could be worse than this one! This video portrays Conway in a classic role as a newly-hired dentist. Watch what happens when on-the-job training and orientation go terribly (and hysterically) wrong! A great opener for orientation meetings for new employees.

Interviewing: A Pain in the Gut (7 minutes) As Mr. Hollis bungles his way through the six rules of interviewing success, he manages to ask the job applicants all the wrong questions. A great video for managers or anyone else in charge of hiring.

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