The Team Approach

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Strong teams are a great asset to the management of a corporation. When working together cohesively, they can get lots accomplished. This includes completing special projects and developing new or innovative business concepts. With a lack of planning or problems like bickering and indecisiveness, the team approach can go amiss resulting in wasted time and office conflict. 

Use this video in your next team building or management training seminar. It provides solid advice for managing a productive team that adds to your overall business success. This includes topics like setting goals, time management and motivation. After watching this video, your team leaders will be able to: 

  • Determine what projects are appropriate for their team.
  • Choose team members that will work well together.
  • Motivate and inspire a team.
  • Delegate team duties and responsibilities.

Along with the DVD, you will also receive a meeting facilitator’s manual along with supplemental materials to aid in learning. Instructor's Manual: ($17.95) This 46-page instructors' manual is designed to help facilitators quickly prepare a three hours seminar designed to improve team organization, build team attitudes, and increase team productivity. This manual is an add-on and does not come with the purchase of the DVD.

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