The Street Scenes Series

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The Street Scenes Series is a powerful 4-part DVD series that examines different aspects of the drug abuse problem in the United States. Each DVD is a documentary style segment that features interviews with psychologists, medical experts and real life drug users who share the facts and the dangers of drugs.

What They'll Learn:

In Bitter Pills - Prescription Drug Abuse, an informational video on the misuse of drugs typically available only with a prescription from a doctor:

  • Why prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in the United States
  • Who is most likely to become addicted to prescription drugs and why
  • What the dangers of prescription drug abuse truly are

In Downward Spiral - Oxycontin™ and Opiate Abuse, an informational video on the abuse of Oxycontin and opiate medications, which are used for pain

  • How abuse of Oxycontin and opiates often begin both with those who initially receive a prescription for the drugs and with purely recreational users
  • Why these drugs are so addictive and how prevalent their abuse is in the United States
  • How addiction to these drugs progresses and what can be done to break out of the patterns of addiction
  • Where to go for assistance with an opiate addiction problem

In Ecstasy: The "E" Street Blues, an information video about the abuse of the club drug ecstasy:

  • What exactly Ecstasy is and how its active ingredient MDMA affects the brain
  • The psychological and physical effects of Ecstasy
  • How Ecstasy has negatively impacted the lives of real people

In Club Drugs: Dancing with Danger, an informational video about the use of drugs commonly distributed at clubs and raves:

  • What drugs are commonly used in club settings and why
  • How dangerous club drugs can be when used on their own or mixed with alcohol
  • Why real life users turned away from club drugs after harrowing ordeals
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