The Sid Story

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This video, starring Dennis Franz of “NYPD Blue,” is a classic, and possibly the best training program on positive leadership and motivation available. Show your supervisors how to turn an unmotivated employee around without using threats and other fear-based techniques.  Too many managers may suffer from the misguided idea that their staff is simply under-achieving or lazy, not realizing that this attitude can actually create an underproductive and unhappy staff.  The Sid Story challenges this idea by teaching supervisors the value of positive reinforcement, and shows how even the most unmotivated employees can be encouraged to reach their full potential.

Video Synopsis: Sid, played by Dennis Franz, is a bully of a manager with low expectations for his employees. He belittles and condescends to them, and as a result, he always has the lowest production in the organization. When he learns the value of positive feedback, however, he changes both his attitude and his management style.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Establishing a positive and consistent working environment
  • Measuring performance and providing positive feedback
  • Providing “planned spontaneous” recognition
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