The Practical Coach Second Edition

This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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Production Date
Video Length
25 minutes
Closed Captioning
Support Materials
CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide sample Participant Workbook
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The Practical Coach 2 is a brand new 2014 version of the coaching classic.  With a brand new host and a wide variety of workplace settings, this engaging video on coaching employees stays true to the original while improving upon the classic with HD footage and superb production values.

The clear message of "letting employees know that what they do, matters to you," continues to be the focus of the program. The Practical Coach 2 identifies the 3 most critical times to intervene as a coach; When you see: GOOD work, POOR work, and a DEAD END road.

The program is as human as it is practical, for good reason. When faced with coaching an employee about poor hygiene or dealing with someone's personal life affecting their work life, a coach must "proceed with caring." The most common defensive "sidetracks" a coach may encounter are also covered.

The Practical Coach 2 will teach supervisors how to: REWARD good work - When you see it, say it. CORRECT poor work - Make it private, and positive. TURN AROUND dead-end performance - The Two Minute Challenge

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