The Power to Persuade: 7 Insights into Motivating, Leading & Influencing Yourself & Others with Mike Lipkin

DVD: $89.95
Total Cost: $89.95
Video Length
70 minutes
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This energetic video, Mike Lipkin shows us the The Seven Insights that will motivate you to grab a hold of your most coveted dreams and make them happen.  As a world-wide speaking sensation, Mike has specialized in inspiration and persuasion.  His dynamic style is used by respected companies like IBM and Pfizer and he has published several best-selling books.  This new program will teach you to succeed by helping others succeed, that everyone in an organization is a leader and the power to win comes from the other to persuade others.

Main Training Points:

  • How to create your individual style of approach to persuasion.
  • How to connect with people in a deep and lasting way.
  • How to locate your individual sweet spot of accomplishment.
  • How understanding human behavior gives you success.
  • Become a leader that motivates your team to victory.
  • And much more.
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