The Power of Vision: How to Remove the Roadblocks and Conquer Your Dreams

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125 minutes
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How many brain cells does the human brain have?  You might be surprised to know that we have almost 20 billion!  Michael Wickett hosts this inspirational program that challenges us to reach for our whole potential.  Michael stresses that without a clear vision of what we want for our future, we will not be able to focus on the steps needed to get there.  You will also learn the secrets of some of the most success people in the world and how to break through barriers to your success. 

Known for his unbridled enthusiasm, inspirational attitude and hilarious delivery, Michael Wickett is one of the biggest stars on the speaking circuit.  He was named The Best Motivational Speaker in America by Nightingale-Conant and his client list is full of Fortune 500 companies.  Now you can have him for your organization with this new motivational video.

Main Learning Points:

  • Break through the personally-built walls that are holding you back.
  • Find the potential within you and let it out.
  • Learn the different characteristics that define geniuses.
  • Setting goals and developing a clear vision of how you want your life to be.
  • Find your most important power and use it to achieve success.
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