The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training

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Do your employees understand what workplace behavior is acceptable, what's unprofessional, and what's even illegal? How can you train your staff to embrace cultural differences and protect your organization from potentially devastating lawsuits?

The answer: The Plus of Us.

The Plus of Us is an effective Diversity training program as well as an Anti-Discrimination and Harassment program. It will take your employees beyond the legal rules to an understanding of the basic human needs and emotions that control workplace relationships between diverse employees.

Upon completion of the program, learners will be able to:

  • Identify discriminating and harassing behaviors.
  • Identify prejudicial stereotypes and understand why they are inaccurate and unfair.
  • Indentify proactive and positive behaviors to avoid and stop discriminatory/harassing conduct.
  • Understand how accepting personal differences and appreciating personal similarities will promote a more positive and productive work environment for each of them and for their co-workers.

From attorney Greg Naylor, the on-camera expert of Sexual Harassment Is It or Isn't It? and Beyond Sexual Harassment, this program will educate your employees and supervisors to avoid behaviors that harass and discriminate even as you help them recognize how everyone benefits from a diverse, dynamic workforce.

The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training has separate workshops for Employees and Supervisors that encourage interactive participation by learners as they explore scenarios addressing discrimination, harassment and diversity issues based upon:

  • Age/multi-generational tensions
  • Sex and gender orientation harassment
  • Disability
  • Personal appearance
  • Protected class cultural and lifestyle identifiers
  • Religion
  • Familial association discrimination
  • Third party harassment and discrimination
  • Retaliation

The bonus video, Full Court Pres, dramatizes the positive benefits of a diverse workplace as well as the real human emotions and adverse business consequences that result from discrimination and harassment.

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