The Platinum Rule: Powerful People Skills for Building Long Term Relationships

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110 minutes
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Do you ever wish you could comfortably and effective communicate with everyone you meet?  Let relationship expert Dr. Tony Alessandra tell you how.  Dr. Alessandra is an international phenomenon with 14 books published in 17 languages and over 50 video and audio programs produced.  In addition, Tony has received many awards including an induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame.  In the new program, he will teach you how to build rapport with anyone you meet, how to adapt your communication methods to make other people feel relaxed, how to “break the ice” with customers, co-workers and anyone else you meet and how to quickly “size-up”  the style of people so you can communication more effectively with them.  Now your organization can benefit from Dr. Alessandra’s decades of communication expertise with this new communication video seminar.

  • The quickest ways to build rapport with customers, co-workers and everyone else.
  • How to determine someone’s style with precision.
  • How to improve both your strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to read body language, voice inflections and words.
  • Developing strong relationships which will stand the test of time.
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