The Paper Chase

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The Paper Chase is intended to explain why good organization when handling paperwork is necessary to be efficient and productive.

Staff should learn to control paperwork, not allow it to dominate their day and workspace. The Paper Chase shows how an office worker, who is terribly swamped by paper, doesn’t immediately see the problem or how it is impacting them. She believes that the papers must remain close by in order for her to be able to do her job. Her manager steps in and helps her change her way of thinking by dividing paper into four categories:

  • Papers you have to act on
  • Paper you have to pass along
  • Paper you must keep
  • Paper you can throw away

This program can have many benefits for those who work in offices or other spaces with paper. The Paper Chase will:

  • Provide motivation to clear desk clutter
  • Provide simple, easy to implement methods
  • Provide concepts in an amusing, realistic way

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