The Idea of Marketing in the Total Access, Real-Time Marketplace Stanford Executive Brief with Regis McKenna

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Program Highlights:

  • Why the current model of marketing doesn't work.
  • How your distribution channel can make or break your brand.
  • The blurring of the line between marketing and IT.

In the past, marketing was essentially a broadcast activity: a limited, unidirectional casting-out of your message into the world. Now, thanks to the Internet and other interactive media, computers are handling many marketing functions, gathering data as well as providing customer care. Such transactions provide valuable feedback, rich with information that you can use to hone your brand and boost customer loyalty. But in order to use this technology to your best advantage, Regis McKenna explains that you need to create an infrastructure that responds and innovates, and use it to establish a dialogue that gets and keeps customers. This expands the responsibilities of marketing to everyone in the enterprise, and makes the customer a partner in long-term value creation.

Regis McKenna is a well-known marketing consultant who advises high-tech, industrial, consumer, transportation, healthcare and financial firms in the United States, Japan, and Europe. He is the author of four books, including "Total Access: Giving Customers What They Want in an Anytime, Anywhere World."

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