The Helping Hand

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The Helping Hand presents the manager’s role in staff coaching. Coaching is very important for any business and learning how to do it well is not a simple task. Many managers simply opt out of coaching by doing it themselves, which leaves the manager feeling stressed and overburdened. Meanwhile, team members begin to feel undervalued and underused.  It’s up to the manager to determine which tasks a team member can take on and to provide the necessary coaching.

In The Helping Hand, John Cleese serves as presenter and the guiding personality who helps our fictional manager (played by Robert Lindsay) learn the ropes of coaching. Unfortunately for the manager, he knows nothing about the coaching process. Cleese provides direction and correction to make him competent while explaining each concept to the viewer. Along with becoming a skilled coach, Lindsay also develops better patience and delegating skills. 

In The Helping Hand, audiences will learn:

  • How to identify need
  • How to make a coaching plan
  • How to proceed with coaching
  • How to monitor coaching results
  • How to monitor long term results

Please note: Due to contract restrictions, The Helping Hand can only be shipped to locations in the United States.

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