The Green Movie

DVD: $695.00
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Video Length
15 minutes
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The green stage of Mark Brown's creative-thinking process enables people to translate ideas into action - making things happen. It introduces a framework for empowerment - people taking the initiative and being motivated to be responsible for their own ideas - with his 'four-box model for situational empowerment.

The video is targeted at managers and individuals. For individuals it will let them happen to the world, not let the world happen to them. They will understand when and how to apply initiative and creativity. For managers who are anxious about empowering their people it will help them hand over responsibility without losing control, and give people space to realize their creative potential. This will release the dynamism and creativity in the organization.

The benefits

  • Inspirational video for managers and their staff
  • Includes an activities manual to direct creative thinking
  • Enables motivation through putting ideas into workable solutions

Program Includes: 15 minute DVD and Guide & Activities Manual

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