The Grapevine

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28 minutes
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The Grapevine explores how rumors can be created and quickly spread when employees are left in the dark about changes, events and other issues. 

People want and need to know what is happening. This is even more important if something is lingering on the horizon that could impact them personally. If left uninformed, rumors and gossip will start as we see in the fictional company that serves as the setting for The Grapevine. We watch as the company calls in its receivers. A contingency plan is made and new contracts are coming that will prevent the need for compulsory redundancies. 

Managers were supposed to pass on a message of assurance, however this goes awry when the production head doesn’t properly address his team. The lack of information causes mounting fear and uncertainty which worsens as the team feels as though other departments know more than they do.

The problem can only be solved when the responsible member of staff notices his mistake and works to provide structured communication that alleviates fear and puts all the necessary information on the table for his team.

The Grapevine will:

  • Present the importance of communication in a realistic setting
  • Shows how to maintain a professional communication process
  • Reveals the benefits of regular team meetings and staff contributions
  • Trains the viewer using humor to emphasize the message

Please note: Due to contractual obligations, The Grapevine cannot be shipped to addresses outside of the USA.

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