The Front Of The Class: Learning to Lead

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Video Length
23 minutes
Closed Captioning
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Becoming a great supervisor takes time and experience, both of which can only be built on a foundation of knowledge and inner strength. A motivational and instructional masterpiece, The Front of the Class focuses on bolstering self-esteem and skills in new management.

This management training video addresses new supervisors by using a situation faced by nearly every person: going to the front of the class and having once-peers watch every move and analyze every word. When placed under a microscope, even the most professional individual can falter. This video addresses common missteps while simultaneously focusing on the two key ideas that help form a fantastic manager: understanding that you only succeed when your team excels, and learning what your team needs from you in order to reach that success.

Key Points

  • Dramatic examples to explain core ideas and philosophies
  • Connecting with employees
  • Maintaining a teamwork-centered environment while positioning yourself as a leader
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