The Enterprise of the Future: Turning Change into Opportunity Stanford Executive Brief with Jim Bramante

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Program Highlights

  • Five core traits that make up the DNA of the enterprise of the future.
  • How to serve "information omnivores," today's technology-savvy customers.
  • Getting the right talent worldwide: how leaders grow their business strategically.

Leaders today face an ever more global, competitive, and dynamic environment. Emerging markets provide growth opportunities, yet demand innovative business models. Jim Bramante distills the findings of IBM's latest Global CEO Study, based on interviews with one thousand CEOs worldwide, to define the Enterprise of the Future.

He points to five strategic trends found in the leaders across industry segments. Top performers hunger for and embrace change rather than react to it. They innovate beyond customer imagination to reach the technologically sophisticated. These leaders seek new ways to organize globally to tap worldwide talent, and they are willing to aggressively attack enterprise and revenue models--even whole industry models. Finally, they demonstrate a genuine concern for customer and corporate social responsibility.

Jim Bramante serves on IBM's Chairman's Performance Team as well as Innovation and Values Team. Prior to joining IBM, he was CFO of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting and a member of its Executive Committee. Bramante is the co-author of the book "eCFO--Sustaining Value in the New Corporation."

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