The Dilemmas of Team-Based Organizations Stanford Executive Brief with Christopher Meyer

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Many organizations today have flattened their traditional hierarchies and redistributed work to multi-functional teams. Although easily launched with the promise of decreasing cycle time, improving quality, and increasing customer satisfaction, most teams find it difficult in practice to reach their potential.

With a bias toward the pragmatic, Dr. Meyer suggests how to avoid "teaming": the deadly reflex reaction to form a team regardless of the situation. He addresses the tradeoffs and downsides of teams, but then proceeds to detail fifteen key architectural elements that help create productive teams that work effectively--and can actually fulfill their promise.

Christopher Meyer, PhD, is an internationally-recognized expert in technology management and innovation. He is the author of the book "Fast Cycle Time: How to Align Purpose, Strategy, and Structure for Speed" and the groundbreaking article "How the Right Measures Help Teams Excel," published in the Harvard Business Review.

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