The Customer is Always Dwight

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The Customer is Always Dwight is an updated version of the original (this version does not feature John Cleese). Here we will learn how to identify customer needs to offer better quality to the customer.

This program focuses on Supermarvelex, Inc., a company that provides after-sales and maintenance services that are superb. The problem is that customers have to keep using this service because the products have a tendency to break down – often.  We also see Gizco Inc., a company that offers some of the best gizmos but lacks in the area of quality control. Many times the gizmos aren’t checked prior to reaching the shipping department which results in a lot of time and energy wasted on faulty products.

Dwight shows how both companies are reactive. Instead of preventing the problem, they only fix it after it happens. He suggests that they should go for 100% quality the first time around by using process management. 

Process management means that the companies adopt a reactive approach. That means that each department or process should be responsible for the quality of the product they handle.  Each department should treat others the same way they would a customer or supplier. Customers and suppliers expect 100% quality, and by maintaining that the whole way down the line, each company can offer a reliable end product that doesn’t need repeated repairs. 

During the final stage in the process, Dwight explains how to streamline each area to maximize efficiency. Quality management will improve the services and products offered and boost morale by making sure every employee is proud of the work they do.

The Customer is Always Dwight will:

  • Show companies how to aim for 100% quality
  • Review processes and improve workflow
  • Identify external and internal customers
  • Show how to determine needs and deliver

Please note: Due to contractual restrictions, The Customer is Always Dwight can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.

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