The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Case Study In Decision Making And Its Consequences

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As a company grows and expands, you will face difficult times. Often these challenges will require last minute, crucial, business altering decisions. But how will your team react under such times of pressure? Will they make the right choice or fail resulting in loss of income or worse?

Train your leadership team to properly respond in the time of crisis. Watching this video, your team will learn how to strategically think through a problem to come to a positive resolution.

Using the history behind the Cuban Missile Crisis, management leaders will teach your team how to:

  • Select the right employees.
  • Build relationships of trust and mutual respect.
  • Foster strong leadership skills.
  • Strategize and consider the pros and cons of a decision.
  • Come to a resolution that solves the problem.  

Under the threat of a nuclear attack by the Soviets, President John F. Kennedy put together one of the most effective think tanks in history. With this, the video examines the 13 day ordeal from beginning to end. Your team will be shown how these same concepts and principles can be applied to corporate problems and meeting strategies in the boardroom. 

Use this 25 minute training video in a leadership training or business conference. It includes a study guide along with suggested exercises to stimulate participation and discussion. 

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