The Control of Working Capital

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The Control of Working Capital addresses how to handle free working capital that is trapped within an organization.

Are you ready to grow but not sure where the money to make it happen will come from? Even a business that is thriving can become hamstrung by a lack of accessible cash. This program reveals how to unlock cash that’s being tied up in unproductive areas within your business. 

Here we meet John Cleese’s character Carruthers again. Carruthers updates us on his current status. He decided to start his own business since learning the basics of finance (in The Balance Sheet Barrier).  He feel ready, but soon after taking on the role of business owner he runs into problems implementing his new plans. 

Scroggs (played by Ronny Corbett) also returns, explaining to Carruthers and the audience the concept of working capital. He shows how working capital can become trapped within the business and the way to free it. He also shares two techniques to control working capital and prevent future problems: regular meetings of all people responsible for working capital control and sales forecasting.

This program covers both the human and financial sides of working capital control. The material presented here is ideal for:

  • Finance managers
  • Non-finance managers
  • Improvement of business skills
  • Improvement of financial skills

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