The Consultant: Just in Time Information for Managers

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This newly released four-part series features a selection of short videos that clearly illustrate effective management. Focusing on the common problems faced by managers and supervisors, this well-organized program makes it easy to find the best approach to tackle an array of workplace problems, including personal issues, legal issues, conflict management and performance management. It’s like having your own consultant on call!

Program I: Personal Issues

  • The employee who makes excessive personal calls
  • The employee with a bad attitude
  • The employee suspected of substance abuse
  • The employee with performance-affecting personal problems
  • The employee with poor hygiene
  • The employee who socializes too much

Program II: Discrimination and Legal Issues

  • Handling an Age Discrimination complaint
  • The employee who disregards safety rules
  • Handling a Disability Discrimination complaint
  • Handling a Sexual Harassment complaint
  • Handling a Race Discrimination Complaint
  • The employee suspected of stealing
  • Handling a Religion Discrimination complaint
  • Terminating an employee for poor performance
  • Handling a Gender Discrimination complaint
  • Terminating an employee due to downsizing

Part III: Conflict Management

  • The overly-aggressive employee
  • The gossiping employee
  • The employee who complains to staff, not management
  • The employee who is angry about a lower-than-expected raise
  • Solving conflicts
  • The employee who does get along with others

Part IV: Performance Management

  • The employee who is absent too much
  • The employee who lacks adequate job skills
  • The employee who is too timid
  • The employee who is always late for work
  • How to communicate to encourage change
  • The employee who repeats the same mistakes
  • The employee who should perform above skill level
  • The employee who requires motivation
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