The Complete Blue Eyed with Jane Elliott

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93, 55, 30 minutes
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This DVD contains three different cuts of Blue Eyed.

  • Blue Eyed - the original 93 minute version.
  • The essential Blue Eyed - an abridged 55 minute version with a 35 minute debriefing.
  • The 30 Minute Blue-Eyed - the 30 most dramatic minutes of Blue Eyed.

Elliott believes that white people can only truly overcome their biases when they have been placed in the minority, and in this training video, she shows just how members of the majority can be transformed by her training method. This video is useful for trainers, employees and management alike and is a must-have in any company's library of diversity training titles.

What They'll Learn

  • How even comparatively minor prejudices and biases against a person can make them fall short of achieving their full potential and negative impact teams and workplaces
  • The way in which color-blindness can also promote racism when differences between groups are not acknowledged
  • How to spot biases that are present in an organizational setting that could be leaving some employees feeling left out of the majority
  • That inclusion is the responsibility of everyone, not just corporate leadership
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  • Are We Really So Different You and I? a Diversity Meeting Opener
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