The Best Things in Life Aren't Things: Heartfelt Lessons That Touch the Human Spirit with Jim Tuman

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75 minutes
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What are the most important things in life?  By the way many people act you would think that material possessions and physical appearance were more important that relationships with our family and friends.  Jim Tuman hosts this inspirational video seminar on how we can refocus ourselves on what is truly important.  Jim gives us a game plan on how we can develop better relationships, be compassionate and accept the differences in others.  His touching stories and emotionally powerful delivery will motivate your audience to strive for deeper, more personal relationships at home and at work.

Jim Tuman has spoken to millions of kids in thousands of schools worldwide spreading the importance of making meaningful decisions that will improve their future. Jim has appeared on television shows such as Oprah Winfrey and the today show.  In addition, he has been profiled in newspapers such as the New York Times and USA today.  His unique blend of wisdom and inspiration can yours in this motivational video seminar.

  • Drop the silly unimportant things that get in the way.
  • The relationship you have with your family is paramount.
  • Build up your self confidence and belief in yourself.
  • Find acceptance for all the people in your life and stop trying to change them.
  • Why the expression of love is a power force.
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