The Best of Motives 2-Part Series

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Businesses all over the world in any industry are prone to two very common problems. Ask any employee, and they will likely say that either “nobody ever tells us” or “nobody ever asks us.” The Best of Motives is a two part series that covers both of these serious issues.

First we view Nobody Ever Tells Us, which shows a manager who views his staff as lazy and unproductive. He feels that he needs to constantly chase them down and make sure they are on task. What he doesn’t initially realize is that the actual problem is that he never puts their position in the organization into context so they have no idea how what they do impacts the company.

Eventually the manager receives similar treatment from his fitness instructor which makes him realize that he needs to utilize a motivational approach. He begins to make changes by trying to keep staff informed, offering praise, encouraging them and knowing how to measure performance.

The second part includes Nobody Ever Asks Us, which takes a look in the other direction. Here we see how projects can begin to fail when the manager takes too much responsibility instead of utilizing the team. Managers learn to welcome staff suggestions, how to use individual skills and how to ask for help when it is needed. This segment emphasizes the importance of giving people results to achieve instead of simply tasks to do each day. This approach makes staff feel more willing to contribute and helps them stay motivated.

This two part series will: 

  • Present interesting drama with a dose of humor
  • Show methods in realistic workplace scenes
  • Target those who are responsible for a team or department
  • Reveal the key steps needed to empower staff

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