The Balance Sheet Barrier

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It’s important for staff to have an understanding of basic financial concepts. When they understand finance, then they understand how to make profits. 

If you ask most staff and their managers to explain what a profit-and-loss statement is or how a balance sheet works and they will likely recoil in horror. Yet a basic grasp of these concepts is necessary to understand how finance really works. When they understand finance, then they will be capable of making better decisions that impact the organization’s profitability.

John Cleese plays Julian Carruthers, a high level exec who thinks quite highly of himself. He pairs with Rita Scroggs (played by Dawn French). Rita runs Scroggs Manufacturing and has a very down to earth attitude. She uses her business to demonstrate the financial concepts explained throughout the program. It isn’t easy to educate Mr. Carruthers on the finer points of finance, but Rita does it splendidly using everyday language without the jargon. Throughout each segment, Rita explains how profit-and-loss statements are really nothing more than a history of the business.

She also covers balance sheets and how they reveal the status of the business at one time. Cash flow forecasts are covered and show viewers how this tool takes a look at the organization’s future cash position. 

For many, finance is a dreaded topic that seems overly complex and boring. The Balance Sheet Barrier will help dissolve those negative feelings by presenting the information in a way that’s easy to understand, even for beginners. Viewers will feel more confident the next time they look at key financial documents or discuss complex sounding financial concepts. 

The Balance Sheet Barrier is intended for:

  • Finance managers
  • Non-finance managers
  • Business skill improvement
  • Employees in self-directed teams or open-book companies

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