The Art of Networking: How to Strategically Influence Others

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DVD: $745.00
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Video Length
20 minutes
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Networking skills are essential in business, yet they’re one of the most difficult skillsets to master. In this training video, host Jeffries provides an extensive range of practical examples that allow viewers to understand how to develop worthwhile business relationships, from introducing yourself to strangers to handing out business cards.

Full of charming stories and effective techniques, this product is perfect for managers and employees of all levels. Cultivating a team with effective networking skills increases company profits and opportunities, no matter the industry or size of the company. From preparing for industry conferences to meeting potential clients at private events, these how-to skills are perfect for any situation and business.

Key Points

  • The Three Rs of Networking: Radar, Recall, Reward
  • Technology etiquette
  • Social tips and tricks
  • Reading body language and tone
  • Subtly influencing potential contacts
  • Painless Performance Improvement
  • Great Minds on Leadership
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