Thank God It's Monday - How to Build a Team with a Passion for Performance with Roxanne Emmerich

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In your workplace as motivated as it needs to be to reach its goals?  Are your employees serial gossipers, bullies or complainers?  Join Roxanne Emmerich in a video seminar that will give you the blueprint for changing the attitude in your workplace.  You’ll learn how to inspire your employees to reach for greatness, foster a spirit of accountability, ramp up your customer service, and keep your workplace positive.  By the time this video is completed you will have all the tools you need to jump start the spirit of motivation with your employees and therefore spring boarding the organization to success.

Roxanne Emmerich was recently listed as one of the 12 most requested speakers in the USA.  She is an expert in harmonizing negative workplaces.  Her ability to change the culture in organizations has brought her world class clients such as Blue Cross and Lockeed Martin. Her book Thank God It's Monday is a #1 best-seller on Amazon’s business best seller.  Now, your organization can have her amazing abilities for the cost of a video seminar.

Learning Points:

  • How to turn your negative employees into team players.
  • Learn Roxanne’s process for changing employee behavior.
  • Stop the gossipers in your workplace in their tracks.
  • Foster personal accountability and goal setting.
  • Solidify iron clad values that will hold you in a storm.
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