Telephone Customer Service: Basic and Advanced CSR Skills

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Customer service representatives have one of the more difficult, yet most important jobs in the company. When good service is provided, you have a loyal customer that will return again and again. However, when the customer is left unsatisfied, it can harm and potentially sever the business relationship. 

Equip your customer service staff or CSRs to provide quality, telephone customer service. Using real-life situations, this training video will leave your staff feeling confident and good about their ability to handle calls successfully. Set in a call center, it will illustrate right and wrong ways to solve customer problems. 

Often the CSR is the only employee the customer will come in contact with. Consequently, they will draw a conclusion about the company based upon the kind of service they receive in just one phone call. 

Some skills your staff will learn from this training include:

  • The importance of listening.
  • Being courteous and showing respect.
  • Putting your best foot forward.
  • Providing clear communication.
  • Getting the entire picture.
  • Calming a frustrated customer.
  • Utilizing technology to one’s benefit.
  • Ending the conversation on a positive note. 

Even when the CSR desires to give good service, they may provide poor service simply because of a lack of understanding, or because they are just having a bad day. Alleviate this problem and others by ensuring your staff is properly trained and ready to respond courteously to customer needs. Show this entire video in one day or divide it into sections for more intense training. 

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