Telephone Courtesy: You Are the Company

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How do your employees represent your company when on the phone? From receptionists to top level managers, everyone needs to develop strong customer service and communication skills. This video will ensure your staff has the skills needed to handle phone calls in a courteous and professional manner. It will further help everyone to understand how their telephone etiquette can positively or adversely affect the success of the company. After all, employees speak for the company and therefore their attitude toward callers is seen as a representation of the company as a whole.

  • Incorporate this training video in your new employee orientations. Some topics include:
  • Proper greetings when answering the phone.
  • How to put callers on hold.
  • Taking clear and concise messages.
  • Being attentive to callers.
  • How to transfer and forward calls without risk of disconnecting.
  • Handling voice mail and recorded messages. 
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