Telephone Behavior: Rules of Effective Communication

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Telephone Behavior: Rules of Effective Communication introduces John Cleese as he shows how a person’s behavior can drive the direction and tone of a telephone conversation. Bad behavior can completely wreck the discussion while good behavior can lead to happy customers and colleagues.

Good telephone etiquette doesn’t stop with attitude. It is a skill that must be learned through practice.  There are three stages to this process: the verbal handshake, getting the message and offering up help. Every phone call you take should begin with a verbal handshake. When you meet someone face-to-face, you usually introduce yourself. So naturally this must be part of the process when you pick up the phone as well.

The second step, getting the message, includes determining what the caller needs. This can be done by listening and affirming to show that you are truly listening to what they say. When you met face-to-face, you can see body language such as head nodding and hand gestures. This is not possible on the phone, so you must offer verbal encouragement and assistance that keeps the conversation friendly and positive.

Every employee should learn these valuable techniques so that they are always ready to use good phone etiquette every time they talk. No matter who is on the other end of the line, they should be greeted, heard and responded to appropriately. 

This program will:

  • Show how to give the verbal handshake
  • Show how to ask open questions and repeat information
  • Explain why you should volunteer useful information

Please note: Due to contractual restrictions, Telephone Behavior: Rules of Effective Communication can only be shipped to addresses within the USA.

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