Team Spirit?

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Being a strong team player is important in a business setting. Those who function well as part of a team are more open to sharing information, taking responsibility and using the skills of coworkers to be more productive. This produces a more motivated and productive environment.

This presentation examines the ways that a weakness in the team structure can have negative impacts on colleagues, customers and day to day activities. Viewers will also learn how to work better as a team so that everyone can reach their fullest potential and take the organization to new heights.

Team Spirit? presents three engaging examples that show how a lack of teamwork can cause serious problems for customers and colleagues. We watch as Claire fails to supply information that would allow her coworkers to work more effectively. Next we see how Gary’s lack of communication skills and refusal to take responsibility has a negative impact on customer service. The third example shows how Tony does not value Wendy’s skills and ends up causing an expensive mistake.

These realistic scenarios are very common and relevant to any industry. Teamwork is extremely important and can boost productivity and improve relationships between external and internal customers. In Team Spirit?, we will see:

  • How to clarify your role in the team
  • How to take initiative
  • The importance of taking responsibility
  • How to support your colleagues
  • The importance of valuing unique skills and qualities
  • Why it’s vital to share information

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