Team Nightmares Volume 2

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27 minutes
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This second volume of Team Nightmares further addresses the issues of working in a team. While teamwork can lead to creative problem solving, juggling the needs of different personalities can create its own sets of problems.  This video program features ten dramatic scenarios (five in each volume) that teach employees the skills they need to design and participate in an effective team.

Volume 2 of Team Nightmares deals with the issues that can hinder a team’s effectiveness. This video program focuses on problems such as team politics, responsibilities and sticking to a deadline. Harness the productive power of the group, and avoid the frustrations and negatively that can plague a teamwork environment.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Clarifying responsibilities and priorities
  • Controlling team politics
  • Handing aggressive team members
  • Five problem solving steps that keeps teams on deadline
  • Implementing individual responsibility
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