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Many times, when someone resigns at an organization, it comes as a total shock. Even if there were warning signs and simply did not respond to them, a number of things come to mind. You wonder why they are leaving, could you have stopped it, how will the team get by without them and how much will it cost to find a reliable replacement? Talent Management is designed to show how to keep your best people so you don’t have to deal with this scenario in the first place!

There are a number of reasons that an employee may choose to resign. Money isn’t always the cause, either.  This program will show the there key reasons why a skilled employee may choose to look for employment elsewhere. They include being over stressed, feeling undervalued or simply being bored. The program also presents ways that a manager can identify the warning signs and potentially stop the resignation before it happens.

Talent Management will:

  • Demonstrate how to identify the warning signs and discover the cause
  • Cover easy learning points that apply to any industry
  • Stress why it’s imperative that the warning signs are not ignored
  • Shows how to ask questions to learn more about the problem
  • Explain how to find solutions to come up with a plan to keep the employee

This program will also help improve morale, reduce the cost of hiring and provide information that’s suitable for all levels within an organization. The DVD runs 25 minutes and comes with a course leader’s guide, customizable worksheet, PowerPoint slides and self-study workbook.

Please note: Due to contractual obligations, Talent Management cannot be shipped o addresses outside of the United States.

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