Tactics of Innovation

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Even some of the best leaders can be resistant to change. Consequently, they may reject new ideas or concepts that can help to improve both productivity and the companies’ bottom line. How can you persuade these leaders to stop resisting change? This video will share with the viewer ten strategies for gaining acceptance of a new idea or business strategy.

In “Tactics of Innovation”, business consultant Joel Baker reveals the secrets to uncovering and putting new ideas into practice. These transferable techniques can be applied to any entity whether for-profit or not-for-profit. It includes valuable information on:

  • How a leaders need for social balance may influence their resistance to change.
  • How persuading others to adopt a new idea will require them understanding its overall benefit.

Along with learning how to convince others to accept change, your team will further learn how to actually implement change in a positive and productive manner. Creators of this series have put together the perfect learning package for your leadership or managerial training conference. It includes a 24-minute DVD, leader’s guide and activity workbook. 

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