Stress Less: 12 Stress-Busters for Living a More Balanced Life with Pamela Jett

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65 minutes
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In today’s world stress is unavoidable.  The effect of stress on our physical and mental health can be catastrophic - ulcers, nervous breakdowns and many other ailments can affect the same we live our lives.  Fortunately, although stress is unavoidable the way we react to the stress is up to us.  Join stress management expert Pamela Jett as takes us through an information-packed seminar on how to reduce and react to the stress in our lives. You’ll learn how to diagnose the stress in your life, minimize the effect it has on you, use time-management strategies to reduce stress and when to say no to things when they are unimportant.  Pamela’s style is both captivating and instructive.  After watching this video you will have a better understanding of how to handle the stress in your life.

Key Learning Points:

  • Find out the true meaning of stress.
  • Stop stress before it starts.
  • How to work on more things at once and prioritize. 
  • How to be remain productive when the stress is the greatest.
  • Tactics to take ownership of the stress in your life.
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