Straight Talking

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Straight Talking emphasizes why honestly truly is the best policy in the workplace (or anywhere for that matter). 

Not everyone feels comfortable speaking up. This ability is a skill that all employees should have. John Cleese leads the program as he shows the best techniques to be assertive in a variety of settings. First we see how being too submissive and hesitant can cause a person to be ignored. This can spawn resentment that builds to the point where people begin to feel de-motivated and lose confidence.

The other extreme is no better. Aggression is not a good way to respond. When other feel like they are being pushed or bullied, they tend to have negative reaction. The aggressor may seem to get there way sometimes, but in the end they lose the cooperation of their peers. Straight Talking shows the vital middle ground between being too submissive and being too aggressive. This balance point is known as “assertiveness.” 

The one basic rule of being assertive is to be honest with yourself and others. That means being straightforward without acting on emotions. Honesty keeps the lines of communication open and allows others to say what they are thinking.

Straight Talking also addresses knowing when something is or isn’t negotiable. The viewer sees why it’s necessary to repeat the position while attempting to provide something helpful to assist in solving problems. This approach establishes equality between both parties which gives both sides the best chance at coming to a satisfactory solution. This nurtures positive relationships for future interactions and negotiations.

This program will:

  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Show how to effectively negotiate
  • Provide tools for personal development
  • Stress why honesty is so important
  • Share the Instant Replay technique
  • Show how to invite others to help find solutions
  • Explain how to negotiate on equal footing

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