Standards of Conduct for Municipal Employees

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In this program new employees learn that the citizens expect their cities to be run efficiently and professionally. They want good employees who are professional. And that is why municipalities have employee standards of ensure professionalism.

Through realistic scenarios, new employees learn that to be a professional staff member, they must be a law abiding citizen and must understand what it means to display a professional demeanor.

In separate discussions, employees learn what it means to be businesslike, the importance of respecting city property, what the citizens expect when it comes to being sober, being moral and being honest and why it is important to obey legitimate orders.

By the end of the program new employees understand clearly the conduct citizens expect of them, and are told that when these standards become what they expect of themselves, then they, too, will be among the thousands of municipal staff members who take personal pride in conducting themselves according to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Package Includes: 12 minute DVD

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