Spirit of the Dolphin

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Spirit is a topic that doesn't come up often in the workplace, yet it is vital to success. The word spirit is usually associated with mystical figures and exotic places, yet it is something that everyone needs to reach their fullest potential. Spirit of the Dolphin is a video course that takes a closer look at what spirit is and how it can help you and those around you excel.

The dolphin is a graceful creature that is often viewed as very spiritual at its core. We as human beings can obtain wisdom from the concept of the dolphin. By emulating its unique spirit, we can improve the quality of our lives professionally and personally.

Viewers of Spirit of the Dolphin will learn the how to live with spirit. Many of these ideas and concepts can be easily applied to different areas in a person's life. Even as adults, we never stop growing and developing. This video will guide you as you learn how to take your life in the direction you want it to go.

Gorgeous footage of sleek dolphins captured by some of the most renowned cinematographers in the world and a captivating soundtrack by composer Bruce Lynch make this presentation a treat for the senses.  This fascinating course will:

  • Emphasize the importance of team among employees and sales personnel
  • Explain the benefits of actively learning and growing while working towards success
  • Convey the importance of respect when face with those who are different
  • Give managers the tools they need to look to the future, find focus and stop blame
  • Encourage a sense of joy and fun which allows us to enjoy what we do each day
  • Discuss the 5 core elements to spirit and how they can be applied at work and home
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