Sexual Harassment Part 1 & 2 Overview: In the Training Room (Managers and Employees)

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This combination of Sexual Harassment Parts 1 and 2 covers all of the vital learning points about sexual harassment in half the time.

Part 1: Led by "EveryCo's" H.R. Director and an actual Nixon Peabody attorney, this session educates and enlightens the characters and real life viewers alike about what sexual harassment is, verbal, visual and physical types of harassment, employee complaint procedure, manager/supervisor responsibilities and liabilities, confidentiality, and a host of other vital issues.

Revisit "EveryCo's" staff and HR director, and an actual attorney from Nixon Peabody, for highly informative, interactive training on Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment and Retaliation. Laws, policies, procedures, definitions, managers' duties, consequences, and other key aspects of quid pro quo, retaliation, and favoritism are explored and brought to life by situations in the EveryCo" workplace.

Product Contents: 45 Minutes DVD (English & Spanish Versions), Handouts & 25 Question Test, Step-by-Step guide for California companies.

Also available as an online training program priced on a per head basis

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  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better
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