Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It's Not Enough to Know Better (Employee's Version)

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Produced March 2004: This video on the topic of sexual harassment in the workplace leads viewers through the newly defined legal parameters of sexual harassment. It features 12 vignettes of work-based scenarios that are -- or could become -- sexual harassment.

Two men catcall a woman in the company lunchroom, a female employee is transferred after reporting another employee's harassing behavior, two coworkers share potentially offensive jokes...these scenarios and more are depicted to help viewers recognize sexually harassing behavior and know what to do about it. An authoritative explanation follows each vignette to provide a legal point of view.

Employees are every organization's first line of defense against sexual harassment. With It's Not Enough to Know Better, you will help clearly define sexual harassment to your employees, and empower them to act when they recognize inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Key Video Points:

By viewing It's Not Enough to Know Better, your employees will:


  • learn the legal definitions of sexual harassment
  • view several different vignettes depicting potential sexual harassment situations
  • have the opportunity to discuss your organization's policies on sexual harassment and reporting procedures
  • know they are empowered to report sexual harassment when they, or someone they know, is a victim.
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