Sexual Harassment: A High Price to Pay

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According to recent research, three out of every four women experience some form of sexual harassment, with the most common location being their place of work. And countless men experience the same. When left unaddressed, sexual harassment hinders employee morale, productivity, and creates a stifling and unhealthy work environment.

This two-part series addresses both managers and employees, providing a clear definition of sexual harassment, including the legal issues involved, and offering tips and ideas for dealing with issues as they arise.

Key Points

  • Legal definition of sexual harassment, including examples
  • What to do when sexual harassment occurs
  • Confronting issues with professionalism and compassion
  • Clear-cut consequences for inappropriate behavior

Sexual Harassment: A Management Briefing

Sexual harassment involves a multitude of issues: the incident itself, the employees involved, the reporting method, and the manager’s response. This video, geared towards supervisors and managers, provides dramatic demonstrations that showcase the repercussions of poorly handled and unresolved complaints of sexual harassment, including liability, profit loss, and the overall damage to the company and the career of the managers in charge during the incident. Offering proven and action-driven advice for dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, this training video is incredibly pertinent and valuable to managers of all levels and in any industry.

Key Points

  • Concise definition of harassment
  • A close look at difficult-to-pinpoint situations, including office relationships and interactions between employees off-site
  • Advice for issues involving third-parties, including vendors and clients
  • Comprehensive explanation of the ramifications of sexual harassment for all parties involved
  • Easy-to-follow steps to find resolutions
  • Forms and questionnaires to use during investigation

Sexual Harassment: Employee Awareness

Rarely does a video express and outline as much information based on a single case as this training product. Compelling and thoughtful, Sexual Harassment: Employee Awareness focuses on one dramatic sexual harassment case, using it to explain and define inappropriate behavior and outline steps to take when faced with uncomfortable or outright difficult situations. Complete with expert interviews and designed to work with the policies that your company already has in place, this video is comprehensive, persuasive, and a perfect addition to your training arsenal.

Key Points

  • Business definition of sexual harassment
  • Legal definition of sexual harassment, including the five main types
  • Guidelines for appropriate workplace behavior
  • Complete outline of potential repercussions
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
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