Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach - California Manager & Employee Versions

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This two-disc set contains sexual harassment training videos for both managers and employees.  All information needed for sexual harassment training required by the State of California for companies employing fifty or more employees is contained in this set.

Hosted by sexual harassment trainer Linda Garrett and attorney Brandon Blevins, viewers observe several scenarios of questionable workplace behavior and conversations set in a variety of work environments.  These scenarios are then dissected and discussed by the two experts, pointing out where the examples crossed the line by legal definition.  The hosts also weigh in with opinions and examples of so-called “grey areas” of employee interaction, including hugging, complimenting a coworker’s appearance, dating amongst employees and knowing the acceptable limits of joking amongst employees.

Conducting oneself in a professional manner, treating others with respect, recognizing inappropriate behavior and reporting said behavior is the responsibility of everyone in an organization.  Additionally, managers have particular responsibilities for taking decisive action when complaints are made, as well as ensuring that their relationship with subordinates is above reproach.  All viewers will have a better understanding of these responsibilities after watching this lively and informative video.

A Trainer’s Guide (sold separately from the video for $29.95) is available for expanded sexual harassment training, offering suggestions for utilization of the video and providing questions for the trainer to enhance the viewing experience.  It also contains practical exercises for participants, and includes sign-in sheets, certificates of attendance, evaluation forms and a poster and brochure pertaining to California’s sexual harassment statute.

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