Service Impact! Series: The Angry Customer

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Produced: April 2009
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Our Service Impact series continues with The Angry Customer. This video presentation provides an economical training alternative that is high impact and interesting. Viewers will learn the right way to handle customers through real life-inspired experiences. The Angry Customer can be shown as a standalone course or paired with the other Service Impact programs.

The Angry Customer shows the pitfalls and correct actions to take when dealing with a customer who is angry. The first part introduces service rep Carlos who manages to break every rule of handling a distraught customer. He manages to pass blame and refuse to own the issue, managing to frustrate customer Warren even more. Carlos' hostility and condescending tone drives Warren to become abusive, leading to the abrupt end of the call.

Part 2 gives the viewer a look at Warren's second call. This time he reaches expert service rep Angela. She remains professional, calm and sincere. Angela manages to give Warren a chance to vent his frustration then disarms him through empathy. She puts the focus back on the issue and away from the emotional outburst it caused. By acknowledging the customer's frustration, solving the issue and being kind, Angela managed to turn an angry customer into a satisfied customer. This part of the Service Impact series will:

  • Show why allowing the customer to vent can be helpful
  • Present the power of tone and attitude when dealing with customers
  • Encourage employees to take ownership of issues and find resolutions
  • Highlight the negative impact of blaming customers for issues
  • Show how to refocus on the issue rather than the emotional reaction it caused
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