Service Impact! Series: Dimensions of Service

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Produced: April 2009
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Employees learn faster when they can see good customer service techniques in action. Our Dimensions of Service video course presents the right and wrong way to handle customer care issues. This effective training tool belongs to our Service Impact series and can be presented with the other Service Impact presentations or as a standalone educational resource.

Dimensions of Service give us a fly on the wall look at the troubles of manager Larry. Larry has been experiencing a decline in customer satisfaction. Anxious to improve, he begins a campaign to increase response times. This backfires when satisfaction continues to trend downward at an even faster rate than before.

The problem becomes clear when customer Justine doesn't receive her promised call back. She becomes frustrated and feels neglected. Things only get worse when service rep Stacy claims that she is doing her job exactly as management requested, by answering phones promptly.

The issue does not go unnoticed by Larry's supervisor, Wendy. She steps in and provides advice about focusing on all aspects of customer support - not just speed. Larry rethinks his current approach and makes changes. He begins measuring other aspects of customer service. The well-rounded approach encourages hardworking Stacy to follow through and resolve issues quickly. Justine finds her issue resolved and remains a happy customer. Dimensions of Service will:

  • Show why it's important to focus on all parts of customer service
  • Explain how to track results and encourage the right response from employees
  • Present the benefits of a well-balanced customer service approach
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