Service Impact! Series: Cross-Cultural Communication

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Cross Cultural Communication is a training video that provides valuable insight in a way that's easy to relate to. Viewers can observe effective communication methods in a realistic setting. This portion of the Service Impact series presents another telephone service scenario presented the right and wrong way.

In Cross Cultural Communication, Valerie is a service representative answering calls. She picks up and meets Lois, a valued customer who is also a member of a culture Valerie is not familiar with. During the conversation, Valerie uses local slang that Lois does not understand. Things get heated as Lois becomes frustrated and Valerie grows impatient with Lois' unfamiliar accent. Valerie belittles Lois, failing to appreciate that the customer has taken the time to learn a second language. After taking abuse from Valerie, Lois chooses to take her business elsewhere.

The second approach presents the same phone call, but this time Valerie acts with respect and courtesy. Rather than trying to force Lois to speak differently, Valerie adapts to her needs. By speaking clearly, slowly and skipping the slang, Valerie and Lois have a much more positive interaction. Valerie shows an example of the right approach by taking personal responsibility, coming up with a solution that works for both parties and creating a satisfied customer. Viewers will learn:

  • Why it's important to avoid using slang when helping customers
  • Why patience must be applied when communicating with members of other cultures
  • Why speaking slowly and clearly can improve understanding
  • Why respect and appreciation must be given to customers of all ethnicities
  • Why being adaptable and seeking alternative solutions is part of good customer service
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